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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

your daily dose of sarcasm*

I apologize if some of you have been sitting and waiting on the edge of your seats for me to answer these questions. I am being so sarcastic, but seriously, several questions have been asked over the last two weeks..and I am here to answer them!!

I posted a picture last week of our latest weekend family project.  We spent our entire Saturday giving our basement a much-needed makeover! WE LOVE the end result. I have been waiting for the sun to come out, so I could take some "AFTER" pics with some natural light flooding in down there. BWUAHHH! HAHAHA!

Ummm, that's not going to happen anytime soon. I am still feeling like Heather Cullen, although I did hear a rumor that the sun will show itself tomorrow. Yes, that sort of thing makes headlines around here. I can't wait to see squint my eyes in the bright light of the sun!!

Anywho, back to the basement. Chris had a vision (and since he is the artist and everything) I was fine with him making all the creative decisions and fully trusted that it would turn out great! He picked out the paint colors, and I was just part of his manual labor task force. Ha! No, I really love to paint. Almost as much as I love doing laundry! We all helped. See?

This picture prompted a nice, long lecture from me to Dylan about what it means to help with a happy heart. Does it look like Dylan has a happy heart here, people!? Ha! I doubt it! To give him credit, it was a loooong day and he did do is part when it was all said and done. He just needed more prodding along the way....and wasn't quite as obliging as others....

Karsen's face here cracks me up. I asked her to show my Campbell shirt (yes that is my shirt AND my necklace she has on)....so here she is representing my school. I was quite ok that she got paint all over it. :)  As for the colors on the walls....Chris wanted to go with a dark gray with some red contrasts. The color was officially "smoky ash". Well, once we got it on the walls, it looks more like "navy blue" to me.  What do you think?

Or maybe DUKE blue?! Which is completely OK with us, since we are lifelong fans AND they beat UNC (AGAIN) last weekend to become ACC Tournament CHAMPS, AGAIN!  WOO-HOO!

LET'S GOOO DUKE!! (google images)
So, we got the basement done and "AFTER" pics will come shortly! The final product is awesome, and Dylan has already had fun down there with having friends over! They thought the room was "epic", "beast", and "sick". These are all good things coming from 12 year old boys, or so I am told. Ha!

Speaking of BLUE.....I LOVE my graduation dress! It's BLUE! I wanted to go with a brighter color (to contrast my vampire-esque like post-winter skin-tone). Ha! It is cornflower blue, which is in between blue and turquoise! :) I can't wait to wear it!

This week has involved a ton of paperwork! I have applied to several more jobs, but have yet to hear from anyone yet. I also finally applied for the NAPLEX/MPJE. These are two seperate exams that I must take and pass in the state that I hope to be licensed as a Pharmacist and practice in. I am taking both of these for the state of OHIO! The NAPLEX tests your basic* Pharamcy knowledge base (basic being that they can ask anything about anything!).

The MPJE is the Jurisprudence exam that assesses my knowledge of Federal and OHIO-specific Pharmacy law. I have to take AND pass these both before I am offficially licensed and before I can become gainfully employed! Nerve-wracking, much?!

I have bought a (humongous) review book (that could also serve as a deadly weapon if-need-be) and today I am mailing the seperate application & fee to the Board of Pharmacy to apply for licensure. I have also registered for a OHIO NAPLEX review being held here in Columbus during Memorial Day weekend.  See, it is a confusing process with alot of steps, paperwork and fees involved! I will have spent almost $1000.00 this past week alone to just get to the point to take the exams. If you don't pass, you can't retake it for 90 days and you have to pay for it again. No pressure, right?!

(google images)
I was stressed out initially, but now I am just excited about all these final details. It is what I have been working toward for the past 5 years! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel even in (gray and rainy) Columbus! 

“It is during our darkest and most trying moments that we must focus to see the light.” Aristotle Onassis


Foursons said...

I know you will pass w/flying colors. You have done well w/every other challenge you have faced.

I look forward to the basement pictures. I wish we had basements in TX. :(


great post!!!!!


Deciduous Heather