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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

a work in progress

I have been here. Promise. Just doing the usual. Busy busy. Not sure where the last few months have gone. I kinda feel like an astronaut being pushed back in their seat on takeoff, just trying to hang on and breathe until the pressure on their chest lightens.

Is that called torque? Hmm.....that is a man question. If Chris were here, I would ask him but he is working late.....and also I love  a good analogy, but to open my blog post with an astronaut analogy?

WOW. Where did that level of random come from?  Warning! This whole post may be very, very random! Cause when I am tired, I get awfully random!

We have been doing great this Fall....and somehow Fall has flown by and here we are... one year older....and 5 days from Christmas! Winter! YIKES!

Yes, I am one year older. Very thankful to be. 33 was a big year for me. Finished school. Graduated all shiny and new. Started my CAREER. and did I even spell career right? ;) LOL Still a work in progress, that's for sure.

See self portrait of a tired Pharmacist above..... Honestly, I feel like I am always at work! It is funny how 40-ish hours can feel very overwhelming some weeks! I love my job though and feel very blessed and fortunate! All work and no play makes for a grumpy Mom....so Chris planned a date night for my birthday! It was way overdue.

We had a wonderful 34th birthday celebration. Dinner with friends at a wonderfully charming place in downtown, Columbus. It was an old, historic building that was just ooozing with charm. And reportedly haunted. Love places like that. And I loved spending a few hours with the Hubs even more. Uninterrupted conversation + good food makes me one happy, blessed girl. And evidently, it makes Chris happy too.

Rock Filet, the steak cooks on stone in front of you. *Chris is not a vampire. LOL

It was a great birthday. After dinner with friends Chris and I went a ramblin' around one the sweetest cobblestone street, row house lined, parts of downtown Columbus. German Village is the one part of Columbus that reminds me of the South. It is so charming! I love it. It was cold...see the temp above Chris' noggin?

The cold didn't keep us from having a memorable birthday celebration and perfect date night.

Go ahead and ask me the one question that everyone has been asking me this week. Go ahead....ask it. I know you want to. Am I ready for Christmas?

That would be a big fat NO!

Oh well, every year I say I am going to be more prepared next year. Next I am going to be more organized and next year I won't wait until the last minute to send out cards, get packages mailed, and make sure all the T's are crossed and I's are dotted way before Christmas Eve. Yep, I remembered that today when I was standing in line at the United States Post Office along with half of the city of Columbus. Let me tell you, there was very little Christmas spirit going on in that line. LOL.

Next year, I plan to do better. I did mention I am a work in progress, right?!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

thirty-four years


34th birthday

to me!

P.S. And YAY to date night!

Deciduous Heather