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Friday, September 30, 2011

yay weekend

(google images)
yay, the weekend is here!
finally, sigh....
because i am so beyond tired
40 hours turns into about 46 hours most weeks
that's not including my crazy commute

and the weeks fly by
as I try to keep up
with home, homework and husband
piano, gymnastics, and lunches
made early each morning
as i start another day
of crazy.

i am so tired.
and very thankful 
this week really wiped me out

i want to blog
(i miss it)
but i am too tired.

i hope to sleep 12 hours tonight
at least.
and hope to catch up with you
later this weekend
yay weekend. :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

the lowcountry, y'all

I haven't had time to tell you more about our awesome and close to perfect vacation we had last month. We had wonderful weather, our house was right on beach, and we had days with nothing on the agenda. It was my idea of a perfect week.

We stayed in the yellow house above, yes the one right above Karsen's ankle. The beach was private so you literally felt like the beach was YOUR'S for the week. We took our beach gear down and camped out all day. Went back inside for lunch and drinks. Stayed inside if you wanted a nap, I spent alot of time on the screened in porch reading. The kids looked for conch shells and crabs. And then at night we all sat on the porch and speculated whether the sea turtles were coming out of their nests.

The Lowcountry of South Carolina is the most beautiful place on Earth. Period. No, I haven't traveled the world, but I can't imagine a place that tops the sunsets we saw all week. We took advantage of the perfect setting and captured a few memories on film.

I didn't plan ahead and bring matching white and khaki outfits for a photoshoot on the beach, so we just went with turquoise and blue jean. :) I think it turned out OK!

It seems like Chris and I hardly ever get a pic of us TOGETHER when we go places. We handed the camera over to a semi-professional photographer and she got a few snapshots of us.

She also took a few more shots of herself too. Ha!

 We did venture out a couple of days to discover the small town nearby. We had the best shrimp and grits at a local "Mom and Pop" joint. We poked around inside a few eclectic shops and met alot of super-nice locals that said "Y'all" and called us "Sugar". It felt like home. <3 I can't wait to go back again next Summer!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

family & familiar & phone

Wonderful weekend was comprised of

a visit from my sister

and little brother, Wesley.

Was great to hang out with them

See familiar faces and hear familiar accents.

You don't know how much you miss familiar

until you leave it.

We spent Saturday here

Which may very well be

the most beautiful place I've ever seen in Ohio.

It was a great day trip

10,000 acres of conservation land located 70 miles east of Columbus.

with rhinos, giraffes, and zebras.

We had to kill time

because we had a to be out of the house for 7 hours

while Magdelena worked her magic.

Yes, I had my house

professionally cleaned.

I almost cried when we got home.

It was a little gift to myself.

Today was a girls' day

and my sis, Karsen and I hung out

at my favorite place in Columbus.

It was artisan Sunday

and I bought two handmade pot holders

that had brown owls on them.

Sweestet things ever.

It's hard to believe we have been here a year already

and some things here really ARE starting to feel familiar.

It's starting to feel like home.

Kinda, sorta.

P.S. I got a smart phone this weekend

and I am pretty sure it's smarter than I am.

I will now be able to upload random, weird pictures.


Karsen showed me how to do this.

The smart phone is smarter than I am

but not smarter than my fourth grader.

Hope you had a happy weekend too.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

pier fishing with gabby

 Way back when in 2004

Dylan had his first fishing trip

with his Gabby* (which is how Dylan pronouced 'Granddaddy' when he was learning to talk and the name stuck)

Last month Chris and Dylan went home to NC for a weekend with Gabby

and they hit the piers of Carolina Beach, NC.
See Gabby there with the same green hat on as before.
and Dylan has on his checkered shirt.

It was the perfect place for a day spent fishing with family

and friends from the Ocean.

Dylan said it was basically the best day of his entire Summer.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

september 11th

10 years ago
I was 23 years old
and I slept in that morning
because Dylan did.
He was two years old
and was playing in lego heaven
on the living room floor.
My belly was brimming over with child
30 weeks along with Karsen.
I turned the TV on and stood there
just taking in the first images,
feeling very surreal
 like I was watching a movie.

10 years later
I am 33 years old
answering inquisitive questions
from innocent minds
that don't understand
why bad things happen.
Hoping to shield them
from all that is bad in this world.
Praying for healing.

Remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall."
Mahatma Gandhi

blackberry view of chicago

Chris spent two weeks of July in Chicago.  He spent the days working and then checked out the city at night. He wanted to eat all of the Chicago style foods. Starting with pizza.

Then he made the rounds so that when and if I decided to visit, he would have a plan of just where to take me. I decided to go and we had the best weekend in Chicago.  In the spontaneous rush to leave, I forgot my camera. So we used the blackberry to snap memories all weekend.

His hotel is not very far from Chicago's Magnificent Mile....so we started there. He showed me an awesome statue that he had ran past most mornings. Then we found the best Indian restaraunt. Yum. Later, we ran into Marilyn Monroe.

We walked all along the riverfront that ran through downtown. Call me crazy, but I had NO IDEA that a river ran smack-dab through the center of Chicago.

The next morning, we walked back along Lake Michigan to the Navy Pier. I ALSO had no idea there was a lake right beside the city. It was so random to be between these talk sky scrapers and then all of a sudden see this view across the street. It was beautiful.

It was so HOT this weekend, it was early in the morning but it was already about 98 degrees. I just wanted to jump in the lake. Or at least go boating. We kept walking and found the Navy Pier.

At the very end there is such a beautiful view of the city.

As you were walking looking out at the water, it was easy to forget you were in the middle of a huge city.

By the time we got the end of the pier, we were tired and hungry! But we had to get a picture of Chris with the massive anchor.

Then we walked back and along the way, we found the sweestest streetside cafe to have brunch.

Birthday brunch of eggs benedict and fruit. It was so good. It really hit the spot after we walked about 5 miles.

And I was a happy girl....not just because the food was so good. Because it really was the best. And good food really does make me happy. See?

I was ALSO so happy to spend the weekend with him in the Windy City. We hope to go back again in the future!

Deciduous Heather