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Sunday, September 25, 2011

the lowcountry, y'all

I haven't had time to tell you more about our awesome and close to perfect vacation we had last month. We had wonderful weather, our house was right on beach, and we had days with nothing on the agenda. It was my idea of a perfect week.

We stayed in the yellow house above, yes the one right above Karsen's ankle. The beach was private so you literally felt like the beach was YOUR'S for the week. We took our beach gear down and camped out all day. Went back inside for lunch and drinks. Stayed inside if you wanted a nap, I spent alot of time on the screened in porch reading. The kids looked for conch shells and crabs. And then at night we all sat on the porch and speculated whether the sea turtles were coming out of their nests.

The Lowcountry of South Carolina is the most beautiful place on Earth. Period. No, I haven't traveled the world, but I can't imagine a place that tops the sunsets we saw all week. We took advantage of the perfect setting and captured a few memories on film.

I didn't plan ahead and bring matching white and khaki outfits for a photoshoot on the beach, so we just went with turquoise and blue jean. :) I think it turned out OK!

It seems like Chris and I hardly ever get a pic of us TOGETHER when we go places. We handed the camera over to a semi-professional photographer and she got a few snapshots of us.

She also took a few more shots of herself too. Ha!

 We did venture out a couple of days to discover the small town nearby. We had the best shrimp and grits at a local "Mom and Pop" joint. We poked around inside a few eclectic shops and met alot of super-nice locals that said "Y'all" and called us "Sugar". It felt like home. <3 I can't wait to go back again next Summer!

1 comment:

karlie said...

i think you and i both relish in the simple life with family! Sounds like a fabulous vacay. Love the pic of you and Chris...

Deciduous Heather