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Sunday, September 11, 2011

blackberry view of chicago

Chris spent two weeks of July in Chicago.  He spent the days working and then checked out the city at night. He wanted to eat all of the Chicago style foods. Starting with pizza.

Then he made the rounds so that when and if I decided to visit, he would have a plan of just where to take me. I decided to go and we had the best weekend in Chicago.  In the spontaneous rush to leave, I forgot my camera. So we used the blackberry to snap memories all weekend.

His hotel is not very far from Chicago's Magnificent Mile....so we started there. He showed me an awesome statue that he had ran past most mornings. Then we found the best Indian restaraunt. Yum. Later, we ran into Marilyn Monroe.

We walked all along the riverfront that ran through downtown. Call me crazy, but I had NO IDEA that a river ran smack-dab through the center of Chicago.

The next morning, we walked back along Lake Michigan to the Navy Pier. I ALSO had no idea there was a lake right beside the city. It was so random to be between these talk sky scrapers and then all of a sudden see this view across the street. It was beautiful.

It was so HOT this weekend, it was early in the morning but it was already about 98 degrees. I just wanted to jump in the lake. Or at least go boating. We kept walking and found the Navy Pier.

At the very end there is such a beautiful view of the city.

As you were walking looking out at the water, it was easy to forget you were in the middle of a huge city.

By the time we got the end of the pier, we were tired and hungry! But we had to get a picture of Chris with the massive anchor.

Then we walked back and along the way, we found the sweestest streetside cafe to have brunch.

Birthday brunch of eggs benedict and fruit. It was so good. It really hit the spot after we walked about 5 miles.

And I was a happy girl....not just because the food was so good. Because it really was the best. And good food really does make me happy. See?

I was ALSO so happy to spend the weekend with him in the Windy City. We hope to go back again in the future!

1 comment:

karlie said...

What a treat to go and visit while hubby is working! Looks like you guys had a blast. We really need to catch up friend. Love from Florida...

Deciduous Heather