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Monday, March 21, 2011

fearlessly be yourself

I love how fearless Karsen is! Especially with fashion...She is our little diva. Stylist extraordinaire. Fashion critic. And even though I have always hated shopping for myself...going with her is a whole new experience. She opens my eyes to possibility...forces me to think outside of the box.....and we have a ton of fun! This past weekend we hit the outlets, but before we left I did something new and fun with her hair. Here is a peak:

 Here's another look in color...

Obviously, Karsen has quite a bit of hair

 and we are always quite challenged have fun trying different things. 

 Karsen is not afraid to encorporate a little bit a whole lotta color into her wardrobe. She is fearless when it comes blazing her own path AND being her own person. She makes me laugh when she sets out her outfit for the next day each night before bed. Always putting so much thought into each outfit.

This was her outfit for Saturday. Whoever says that turquoise, purple AND hot pink don't go together, well they were wrong! She is my little personal shopper, and I am not embarassed to admit just how much stock I put into her opinion. LOL. Each morning, she always gives her Daddy a thumbs UP or a thumbs DOWN on his shirt and tie combination. Most of the time he asks her to pick between two options and then he goes with her choice for that day. Her opinion matters! Ha!  In case you can't believe your eyes. Yes, those are leg warmers. Oh my.

 I love how Karsen is so fearless when it comes to being her own person!
 If only I can figure out a way to give her a little boost of confidence..... ;)

 “There is only one YOU for all time. Fearlessly be yourself.” ~Anthony Rapp


Foursons said...

She's awesome. Plain and simple.

Jane Anne said...

How fantastic! I have 1 girl and I struggle just to part her hair straight. I have such a long way to go.

I love her enthusiasm and creativity.

Beth said...

She just oozes fun! Hope my girls always feel the freedom to "be themselves"! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! :)

Deciduous Heather