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Friday, March 25, 2011

my first pharmacist interview

So, this past Wednesday I was wondering aimlessly around the mall, and I got a phone call about one of the jobs I applied to last week! It was actually THE job position that I most excited about because it is a Hospital Clinical Pharmacist position in an Anticoagulation Center. That basically means that it is a Pharmacist-ran only center that provides patient care to people that are on the drug warfarin/coumadin. When I was attempting to explain this to Chris he was like "HUH?!...what?.....ok?....is that a good thing?" LOL, Yes, it is a very good thing! I have had two student rotations in similar settings this past year, and I have enjoyed both of them! It is a slightly non-traditional role for a pharamacist, and that part appeals to me as well!

The Pharmacy manager asked me if I was available to interview the very next morning at 8:30am. I wanted to say, "look, you have no idea HOW available I am!" or "Listen, I need a J-O-B, so yes I will be there whenever you want me there."  Instead, I said, "Of course, and I am looking forward to meeting you. See you then." Then, I freaked out. I had bought a new suit a few weeks ago, going on nothing but faith that I would have an interview or two coming up. However, it did not fit perfectly. When I tried it on again, I realized it was actually very far from fitting at all. It needed to be majorly tailored in the worst way, but there was no time for that. So, I freaked out again. After a hour I realized that I could just wear the same suit that I wore when I initially interviewed for Pharmacy school way back when.

I woke up super early with a dusting of snow on the ground! Crazy! I arrived early, and everyone I met there was really nice. The interview lasted 3 hours!? THREE HOURS, I am a talker, but I was NOT talking the whole time at all. We talked about everything under the sun from Puerto Rico to Clinical Research. Pradaxa to Spanish. Work ethics to professionalism. He asked me deep, probing questions and then he asked me more general "get-to-know-you" kinda questions. He also asked me the stupid, on the spot interview questions that some people asked. This is the one that kinda stumped me:

In your past professional experience, tell me about a time that an employer did something that you did not agree with. How did you respond and deal with this conflict/situation?

*You could hear crickets chirping* I had absoulutely NOTHING. I generally don't have conflict in the workplace, but I knew this was not a good anwer. Finally, I said something about "communication" and how healthy communication can diffuse a great deal of many misunderstandings in the work place....Ughhh.....that is the one question that I keep replaying in my head, and almost 24 hrs later I still don't have a solid example or response. Other than that I nailed every question and feel good about my responses.  All in all, I really thought it went great! I should hear back from him within two weeks. !!!

Chris said there is no way they would talk to me for SO long if they weren't genuinely interested. I did my best. That's all I have! We will see what happens! *FINGERS CROSSED*

"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face... Do the thing you think you cannot do." ~Eleanor Roosevelt


karlie said...

Hurray! Good job woman. I think its pretty cool there are other opportunities for you than just the norm pharmacist job! Crossing our fingers over here for you!

Foursons said...

I think your answer to that question was very good.

I'm sure you did great and I look forward to hearing you got the job!

Deciduous Heather