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Thursday, March 10, 2011

just call me heather cullen

Disclaimer: If you haven't read the Twilight books or have been hidden under a rock somewhere for the last few years-the references made within this post will mean absolutely nothing to you.

This past weekend I seemed to be in a much better mind-set. We woke up Sunday morning with snow on the ground. We headed to church and I said to Chris, that "there is something extra sweet about going to church with snow on the ground". He smiled.....

Now, 5 short days later and I am in a major funk. The past two days it has rained non-stop. And something just broke inside of me. When Chris got home on Tuesday, I felt (and looked ) like a zombie because it is just so gray outside. Why in the world am I so influenced by how the weather is outside? Ugh?! I have had awful thoughts about Columbus this week. Yesterday it was like the sun struggled and struggled and finally gave up and just completely FAILED to come up at all. And I may have said a bad word in my head about that. Just sayin'....

The day basically looked like dusk ALL day long. Then, I made things worse. I made the mistake of clicking on the 7 day foreceast....searching desperately for some hope. A change. BIG MISTAKE. HUGE. It was a long endless week of 37-42-ish degree temps and rain. Yuck and Yuck.

Then I had an epiphany....I realized that Columbus would be a great place for the whole Cullen family to live. Vampires would thrive in Columbus. It is gray, and the sun hasn't come out in forever. It would not burn their skin, it would just be pure paradise for a vampire. I, however, am not a vampire. I have been perpetually cold since forever. Like Edward. Just straight up cold.

Then I did myself in....yesterday I said the following out loud, "I prefer snow over rain anyday"....Guess what? They are calling for snow tonight. Yep. 1-3 inches will cover my sweet bulbs that are trying their best to break through the cold ground. I am hoping it will be short-lived and that the sun decides to show itself sooner rather than later. I don't want to feel like Heather Cullen. I would like to wear sunglasses again one day and not have to rely so much on my bronzer blush. Ha!

On a more positive note.....
  • I have applied to four more jobs, one in particular that I would be super excited about!
  • I am actually TEAM JACOB, so there is no way I could be Heather Cullen.
  • I have officially registered for the NAPLEX/MPJE. I still have sticker shock, but it's a means to an end.
  • We are getting our favorite take-out tonight. Comfort food. Yum.
  • I do love wood burning fires, and tonight will be a perfect night for one.
  • I found my graduation dress! Guess what color it is?
  • Dylan seems to be doing much better in school this week. Thank goodness.
  • I officially am almost, quite possibly, caught up on laundry!!! That's a miracle in itself.
I wanna end this post with a couple of pictures that epitomize summer to me.

country Karsen

Dylan wearing his Daddy's sunglasses

lazy days
There, I feel better now.

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer. ~Albert Camus


Foursons said...

Hang in there girl, summer will be here soon!


Good luck w/the job hunt.

karlie said...

COME VISIT! We have SUN! That is when you're done being super mom, super woman, super school, super exam etc...!!!

Deciduous Heather