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Thursday, March 3, 2011

playing catch-up

Life has slowed down a tad for me this week. Thank.the.LORD. I am OFF this month. Time to catch up on a few things today...

(google images)
1. Meet my hubby for lunch downtown. We don't know anyone here in OH, so we haven't had a date night in ages. It's long overdue. A date lunch will have to do. Sounds good to me. I might even get pretty for it. Ha!

2. Buy citrus candles today. The sun has been out 3 days in a row in Columbus. This is a first since October, people. I am going to burn some citrus candles and pretend that it is as warm outside as it looks through our family room windows. (Even though the thermometer says 27 degrees) Denial CAN be a good thing. Spring is right around the corner....it can't be much longer now, right?! RIGHT?

3. Talk with Chris and Dylan about their weekend project coming up. Mission: Basement makeover. They will do all the work...i.e...paint....I will just voice my opinions along the way. LOL. (No, really I will paint some....) Before and after pics will be posted here. :)

4. Tackle the MOUNTAIN that is our laundry on the spare room bed. It is huge. It is embarassing. It is proof that life has been too crazy for too long. I will do it today.

5. Enjoy a home-cooked crock pot meal. YUM! There's nothing quite like comfort food to soothe the soul. Today's special is pork tenderloin with rice and gravy.

6. Encouarge the kids to practice their piano lessons for this week. It makes me happy to hear them playing. :)

7. Watch the American Idol results show on the couch tonight with Karsen in the crook of my arm. Yes, we really love that show! And I really love Chris more for not rolling his eyes the whole time we watch it. Ha!

8. Allow myself to sloooooow down in general. Single-task. Be present. And disconnect.

Permission granted.


Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

I loved reading your story of being an HG survivor and then becoming a pharmacist. I always wonder if I will find the time to go into nursing one day, based on my experiences with my daughter!
You are very inspiring...thanks for sharing =)

OUR WILD ZOO! said...

Be present. Disconnect. Amen sister!!!!

Sounds like we're living parallel lives this week?! Feels good, doesn't it? And we'll both be taking in the smell of fresh citrus too- I wish the temps were in the 20's here but no, tomorrow will be 80. It's almost swimming season here already.

I love your writing and your updates Heather. You are a gem!

Dawn @ Musings from the Pigg Pen said...

I just came across your blog...saw you were in Columbus. From an Ohio girl living in Kentucky - just had to say Go Bucks! I love Columbus.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy your month off.


Deciduous Heather