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Monday, March 28, 2011

"do re mi fa so la te da"

One thing I always wanted to do growing up was learn how to play a musical instrument. Unfortunately I never learned! (probably because in no way, shape, or form am I gifted musically~sigh....oh well....Ha!)  I had a friend in high school, that used to play "Fur Elise" by Beethoven for me on the piano. It was so beautiful. I.LOVED.IT. (If you don't know the song, just click below).

I would sit and watch her play, admiring her perfect posture and was completely mesmerized by her talent. Then I would ask her to PLEAAAAASE play it just one more time. She knew if we went to her house, that I would ask her to play it at least twice. She would roll her eyes, but she played it for me anyway. Now, 16 years later, when I hear that song it still makes me think of her. :)

That is one reason why it makes me so happy to hear the kids attempting to play it. We finally signed Dylan and Karsen up for piano lessons!! They started a month ago. I AM SO EXCITED. I feel like I am truly giving them an opportunity that I never had; to learn to read music and play an instrument. They have already learned quite a bit. The first night, I was so proud of them when they came home and proclaimed that they loved it! Dylan said he was a "natural". HA! However, Karsen is wayyy more diligent about practicing than he is. Not surprising.

Last night their teacher called me and told me that they were doing great, and she was very pleased with their progress. She also added that she sensed a "healthy degree of competition" between the two of them. HA!  She thought it could be a good thing if it meant they would work harder individually. I was thinking, "Yep, that sounds like Dylan and Karsen". It made me chuckle.

The night of their first practice after I tucked them into bed, I was heading downstairs and heard both of them singing "do re mi fa so la te da" over and over again to themselves. It was too cute. Awww <3 I can't wait for future recitals and to see where they choose to take this opportunity. Of course, I would love it if they learn to play "Fur Elise".

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