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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

our new backyard in sepia

Our new backyard is less like a yard, more like a courtyard. It is very different than our old backyard that was huge and sprawling, green acreage. Here we have stucco, brick, mulch and wrought-iron gates. We love our new house and have a corner lot. A great deal of the yard is our front and on the side. This back yard area is very unique and is growing on us. Most of the yard is a stucco-fence that is about 8 feet tall. It has ivy everywhere you can see. There is even a built-in fountain (see it behind the camera hog?). The neatest part is our master bedroom on the 2nd floor has a patio that looks out onto the backyard.

There is a bridge that cuts across the backyard that Miley runs over about 2,999 times a day.
There is a huge tree that the deck is built around. It is a beautiful shaded area with tons of potential.

An owl lived here before we did.

So did this man. He kinda freaked me out the first time I saw him, but he is growing on me. Nice bone structure. Ha!

And finally, here's my favorite spot.

I love our new yard; especially in sepia.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Beautiful!! I love the fountain! Wonder why it's got a three-sided wall around it like that. More pics!!! I wanna see the inside! :) (oh, thanks for stopping by and checkin' on me...I'm fine, just need to get bloggin!)

Deciduous Heather