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Friday, September 17, 2010

Fashionally challenged & here's to trying new things

Well, anyone who knows me knows that I am a summer girl at heart. I will be happy in a jean skirt, flip flops and a tank top everyday for the rest of my life. Seriouly. It is basically why my blog is called Deciduous Heather in the first place.


I am seriously going to have to do some major shopping to prepare myself and my wardrobe for a real, live winter like the one we will have in about 6 weeks or so here in OH! I own nothing seasonally appropriate.


I don't even like cold-weather clothes. I feel confused and lost in them. If I were ever to commit a horrible crime, the worst punishment that I could imagine would be sentenced to go shopping for blue jeans!  NO! Don't make me do it! I am sorrry! I honestly despise shopping for and trying on blue jeans. It makes me cry, and it never ends well.

This week, I have been organizing and unpacking and I know that I need to buy some clothes. I have been looking around some, but I am so fashionally confused. It is a challenge to find things that fit. It is also a challenge to NOT spend $50 on one sweater! Gasp! Let alone one sweater that I dont even like that much!

And don't even get me started on BOOTS? I have dress boots, but I don't have a casual, ever-day wear kinda boot. I kinda like these. I have big, gorilla feet and I think BOOTS just accentuate that quality. LOL I do need to get over that personal hang-up or I likely won't make it through the winter. Frost-bite would be pretty bad, huh?

A hat? Seriously, I need a hat? AND a scarf? Have you seen this noggin?? It sure does not need to be accentuated by any type of thick apparel. LOL~ Ok, I don't really think my head is that big...

I just realized that I need a personal shopper. Or...maybe I will just hibernate. I have a ton of hot chocolate stocked up, so it would be totally do-able. Hmmmmm, LOL. **To be fair, maybe there is hope. I do happen to like everything in that last picture, especially the pocketbook, but that won't really keep me warm, will it? Sigh....Maybe I need to climb out of this box that I have subconciously put myself in and just go wild and crazy. Maybe I should (*gasp!) try something new and see what happens.


Foursons said...

I love winter clothes! Maybe it's because we don't get to wear them all that often down here. I'm thinking boots w/high heels won't work so well on icy streets. Call me crazy.

Captain J said...

I'll help but only if you do as well. I love fall clothes, and have a pitiful excuse for a summer wardrobe! I am Not a summer person- lets recall our beach trip :)

I have a scarf for everyday of the week if needed, and multiple ways to wear them.

Deciduous Heather