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Monday, September 13, 2010

If Mama ain't happy...you know the rest

My hubby knows that I feel somewhat neglected in everyway possible after this last year of trial and tribulation and transition. I need a haircut. I need like one month of sleep. I need to gain a little weight (stress=losing 5-7 pounds). I need to rest/relax/recuperate. I need help with the whole "life routine" after carrying the load for the last year. I need just a little teeeny tiny bit of time for me...

I think as mothers we have all felt this way from time to time. You feel like you are at the absolute bottom of your own priority list. Well, I am working on shoving myself ahead of mundane things like laundry and mopping. I think I deserve it. ;) After all, if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

So today, for me and only me, I:
  1. took a multi-vitamin
  2. ate breakfast along with two cups of strong coffee :)
  3. caught up on my blog
  4. made a hair appointment for later this week
  5. ran with my husband at lunch (loved-it-oh-so-much) 
  6. shaved my legs
  7. washed my hair and took the time to make it all pretty
  8. opened the windows and felt the breeze blowing in
  9. hummed as I made a new dessert for tonight (ok this one is technically for everyone...i will share, i promise)
  10. took time to do absolutely nothing in between
Vacuuming and laundry can wait until tomorrow. I needed some attention and time for me! Thanks to my sweet hubby for coming home at lunch to run with me; he can always push me further than I think I can actually go. It is so much easier than doing it all along. As is life. Sigh. I feel a little less neglected now.


Lisa said...

aww! so glad you took a day for YOU! you are exactly right, when we aren't happy, no one is! Because if they are, they better watch out!!! :) getting a drastic hair change?! and yes, share the dessert!

OUR WILD ZOO! said...

Ok well I loved catching up on your blog- I haven't read in awhile cuz I knew you were moving...but oh Heather, you have had SO much going on!
Your beautiful tribute of your grandma was so touching. I went through the very same thing with my grandmother 2 years ago. I got to say "goodbye" to her- the last thing I was able to share with her that I was expecting a baby. It was so bittersweet and amazing to see the circle of life. It's hard to say goodbye but what an amazing legacy your grandma has left with her family-I know she's so proud of you.
and I laughed about your "momma ain't happy" post. Cuz girl I can RELATE :) Except...wait I'm not losing any weight? Anyway...:)... I hope you take many more days like that-you deserve all of it and more.
I'm glad O-Hi-O is treating you well! Moving is no fun but settling in and the excitement of a fresh start is ... so I hope you're relishing in the joy of that!
Take of yourself mama!

Deciduous Heather