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Monday, September 27, 2010

the market day festival

I kinda felt guilty for leaving Dylan and Chris at home to work on the backyard fence, while Karsen and I went to a fun, street festival. Kinda, but not really. See the obvious pain on our faces?

We were happy to get out and about and enjoy some of the beautiful fall weather we've been having here in OH. The downtown area of where we live is soooo cute. Columbus is huge, but we live in one of the suburbs that is known for it's cute downtown area with historic store-fronts, awesome schools, friendly people and just overall small-town "feel".  I feel so fortunate that we ended up exactly where we are!

They closed off the streets, and people, strollers and dogs were everywhere. Karsen had a wonderful time dog-watching, while I took my time poking around, looking at antiques and people-watching too.  Here is Karsen patiently waiting for her homemade lemonade. I love the colors in this picture.

 We walked from one end to the other and back again; we did not miss a booth. We taste-tested all kinds of treats, looked at handmade candles, soaps, and hair bows. Karsen bought a sparkly necklace. As we walked around, I noticed the super-cute houses that were tucked in and around the downtown area.  I snapped this pic to show Chris. It was so charming! We love older homes and have always dreamed of buying one and re-doing it from top to bottom. Too bad neither of us are very handy. Ha! How cute is this house?

We had a great time, and were very happy when we got home. Our fence was finished! The boys worked hard, and we played yard.  We were all tired,  but in a good way.

It was the perfect, Autum afternoon!


karlie said...

you are one good mama...period.

Lisa said...

I love days/afternoons/moments with my special Girly Girl too. :) We are due for one.

JMay said...

You two are beautiful! Mommy & Daughter time is the best :-)

OUR WILD ZOO! said...

you two are so beautiful Heather! so much fun with mother/daughter...

I loved the updates- I hope your move has been good for you?! Lots of changes and adjusting. And holy cow-that yard looks majestic, it's amazing. You have some serious photo-ops there!!
I loved catching up on your photos/update and have been thinking of you as you transition into your new home/schedule. I hope this finds you enjoying some crisp fall air ((send some MY way!)).


Deciduous Heather