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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Deliberating and Destination: North of the Mason-Dixon line

Well, my presentation is done. I am not going to lie, I was really freaking out this morning. Like heart racing, doing stupid stuff (for example, my cell phone rang in the car, and I turned the radio ON before I answered it!). Hmmmm.

1:00pm came and I was the first presenter. I stepped up the plate and introduced myself and I was OFF~ I talked and talked and talked.... And UMMMMM evidently (according to my feedback) I talked REALLY fast, and they could tell I had practiced (Um they told us to). So much for rehearsing it, evidently it just made me wayyy too efficient.  Long story, short:

I talked for 19 minutes for what should have been a 20-25 presentation. They deliberating for AN HOUR about failing me OR taking points off. At the end of the torture they told me they were just taking points off and they gave me an 88.2%  a B! I was happy, mad, relieved, angry at myself, and just tired....GRRRR! I had done the presentation so many times at home in front of the kids, in front of Chris, in front of our german shepherd, lol, whoever would listen! AND I always ran OVER, so I guess I over-compensated bigtime. HA!
It's done and over with now. That last hurdle has been (although somewhat dramatically) cleared and now I can truly look ahead! I am just relieved it is behind and grateful that the faculty decided not the cruel and fail me. (GRRRR!) I learned a great deal about my topic, and that is the important part of school, right!? Learning, right? (Can you hear my sarcasm from way over there?!) I thought so! Hmmmph!

So, this weekend now consists of cleaning this house and getting it ready for our renters. Now that things are gettig close, every motion, every errand I run, every call I make to cancel service...etc...feels almost bittersweet. I don't know if it is because I am worn-down-to-the-bone-dead-dog tired, or if it is because I just love NC and it feels weird to be leaving.

So, although it feels bittersweet right now... it also feels very exciting and hopeful! I have been counting down for so long and I am just HAPPY it is here! My goal is to get on the road in the morning! Destination: NORTH of the Mason-Dixon line! I'm ready.

1 comment:

karlie said...

I'm seriously so happy for you, I wish I could just hug you! I'm thrilled for your reunion and the new life ahead! Well done! You've finally made it! =) Love you guys...

Deciduous Heather