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Thursday, May 5, 2011

columbus children's choir

I have exciting news! Well, exciting news if you are a Momma and you get excited when people say nice things about your kids....That would be me, and I AM excited. :) I wanna share it here anyway!

Remember I mentioned that Dylan and Karsen started piano lessons this past January? Well, their music teacher is awesome! She mentioned that when Karsen says her notes out loud that she "actually sings them" and she can hear "raw, natural talent"...WOW!! Now, Karsen and Dylan both love to sing and I have always thought they sounded great, but I thought I was a biased Momma. LOL. We have always sang in the car. Karsen learned to talk and sing at the same time. Some of her early favorite songs were by Martina McBride and Alicia Keys. Ha!
After her piano teacher mentioned this to me, the next week Karsen won a singing contest at school. I walked in to pick them up from after school and I hear someone belting out "Our Song" by Taylor Swift and knew it was Karsen right away. She was singing her little heart out. Awww! She won a MP3 player and was tickled pink.
She sings ALL THE TIME! She sings in the car, in the shower, in her sleep, during gymnastics practice when she should be flipping...ALL THE TIME. Right now her favorite songs are..
Adele's, Rolling in the Deep  http://youtu.be/rYEDA3JcQqw
Christina Perri's, Jar of Hearts  http://youtu.be/8v_4O44sfjM
She BELTS these songs out all the time.
Yesterday we got a referral letter home from the music teacher at their school for the Columbus Children's Choir, "Con Brio"!  They sing at the governor's mansion during Christmas...and do some very cool productions through the year. All of the teachers have graduate level training and it is a privilege to be asked to audition (or so other parents told me cause I knew nothing about it until yesterday! Ha!).
Her teacher said she hears a "very talented voice with great potential and she wants to make sure it continues to grow." The choir has an audition process (that makes me nervous) but she said she felt certain Karsen wouldn't have any trouble with it. It made me so happy to hear this.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE to sing, and always planned to be a BIG country music STAR in Nashville, TN when I grew up....but then I realized I have no talent what-so-ever I needed to be practical, so I went to Pharmacy school instead. I coulda been a big star otherwise, y'all. Sigh....but I digress. This post is not about you, Heather! Ha!
The fact that Karsen may have some talent in that area makes me very happy! I plan to schedule her audition after we get back from NC for my graduation!! I am proud of both of them and will keep you posted!

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