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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Boards....looming ahead

Karsen in the sunshine, Memorial Day weekend 2011

We had a great Memorial Day weekend! We had family in town this week and I was still able to balance family time with study-time!

The weather was sooo gorgeous with highs near 90s for the most part, and then yesterday it got up to 94 degrees! Karsen was so happy to wear her new jumpsuit from Old Navy. Very summer-like! We even went to the pool, and it seemed like I hadn't felt the sun in years. LOL.

I did not get any pool pics, because I had a my head in a book the majority of the time.

I take the MPJE Pharmacy Law exam tomorrow afternoon and then the NAPLEX Thursday afternoon. The anxiety has kicked in.

 For some reason even though I feel like I KNOW alot, I don't feel prepared in the least. My brain feels completely saturated though. I have the rest of the today and a good part of tomorrow for last minute studying, but I don't know if my brain will hold out! It's test time!

My.Brain.Hurts. It is screaming STOP!

I will be very happy to get it behind me. It would be really nice to PASS! Continued prayers needed.....

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