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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

a group date!

It started like this......
Dylan asked "Hey, Mom? Taryn wants to come over and hang out Friday night."
I replied without even skipping a beat.....""Um, no, I doubt it."
"Whyyyyyy, MOM?!"
"Because you are too young to have a girl over to hang out alone!!"
"How old is old enough?"
"I don't know, Dylan, but I know 11 is WAYYYYY too young. I won't even feel comfortable with that when you are 14! Let alone 11--ELEVEN!"
"Well, can she come over and we go somewhere else and hang out with the whole family?"
"Hmm, let me talk to your Daddy about it"

Three days later we decided.
"We guess we can plan to go get ice cream on Friday night, and she can tag along"

Taryn is Dylan's "girlfriend" by the way....his first girlfriend back in August and his 4th girlfriend present-day. LOL~It's been a dramatic year. Speaking of drama, Taryn was sleeping over with her friend, K, who happens to live directly across the street from us. Convenient, much? K is a sweet girl and I was glad to invite her as well...to make it much less like a date.

The girls arrived at 7pm (with matching red lipstick on) to ride with our family to get ice cream. K's Mom walked them over, because I wanted to make sure it was OK with her for them to go with us. We ended up having a blast. Of course I had my camera....

Dylan, Taryn, K and Karsen
The weather was great, and we stopped to pose with the tulips in the cute downtown area on the way to the ice cream parlor.

 I have never been more proud of Karsen than I was when she decided to sit in between them at the ice cream parlor. LOL. Karsen adores Taryn and K and really looks up to them. And since Dylan told me to make sure not to embarrass him, I didn't mention the fact that Dylan and Taryn look like they could be brother and sister. Ha!

After ice cream we decided to take our time and walk around the downtown area a bit. This fountain is new since last year. We had a good time, and I am genuinely glad we decided to go. Dylan looks happy, huh?

When he got home he said "I had a great time, thanks Mom and Dad" as he ran downstairs to the basement.
Awwww. Sigh...Bittersweet. I am glad he had fun because I am pretty sure that "Group" dates will be the way to go until he is about 17. LOL.

1 comment:

Gigi said...

11 and he's already a girlfriend?! As cute as he is - he will be beating them off with a stick. I think your family date was a great idea!

Deciduous Heather