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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Our first Halloween in OH~ The kids had a blast. It worked out perfectly. Karsen got to walk around with her girls, and Dylan was "dropped off" for his first "party". Here are the boys.

Princess Leia, NEO from the Matrix, and Osama Bin Laden. (?!?) Creative, huh? lol~Oh my. Dylan rolled his eyes like a true "tween" when I told him he actually looked more like Edward Cullen from Twilight. LOL. Yes, we dropped him off at a friends and they hung out there for a while, drinking hot apple cider, hanging out by the fire pit, and scaring whoever walked by. Then they walked all around the neighborhood. About every 20 minutes I called him on his cell phone and he answered by saying "Hi, Mom, I'm OK."

Just checking, NEO. ;) He had fun and felt very independent; I could tell.

Karsen met up with her friend, Rachel, who lives on our side of the neighborhood.

Later on we ran into the rest of the girls in the neighborhood. They all shrieked as the parents were taking pictures and blinding them with the flashes from their cameras.

About 30 minutes later, Karsen told me she was cold~thank goodness, because my feet were freezing!  It was about 39 degrees out, but it felt like 19 with the wind. So, I was ready to go too. We called Dylan and picked him up on the way home.  Everyone had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Captain J said...

So cute! It looks like you guys are settling into your new town very well.

Foursons said...

Wow, they already have enough buddies to have a big group for Halloween! Looks like they had a great time and I'm glad everyone is settling in so well.

Lisa said...

looks like fun!!!! Ohio is cold, huh?!

Deciduous Heather