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Friday, November 5, 2010

because he knows i'm deciduous

One weekend recently, Chris surprised me with a fire pit. Evidently, eveyone in OHIO has a firepit. (Um, I know why~because it is already freezing here at night!) He and the kids spent the afternoon putting it together.

Even Miley came over to help.

 It is the little things like this that the kids really missed while we lived apart for a year. Time with their Daddy. There were just some things that I couldn't do to make up for his absence. Like....build things. Totally Daddy's territory.

The mandatory "smile at Mommy" pic of the afternoon.

The finished product. Smiles all around. I think the kids were already planning on roasting marshmallows in the next 15 minutes.

 Basically, Chris knew that this was the only way to get me outside when the weather starts getting cold. Ha!

And, it worked. Man-made fire. Hot!

We have enjoyed it several times already.  
Dylan was reading "Scary Stories" to Karsen and Ky (until they genuinely got scared and I had to make him stop).

Now, maybe I will live through the winter.


Lisa said...

Looks so nice! Here we call them campfires. :) Haven't had one in a while. Stay warm!

Foursons said...

Nice firepit! I'm so glad y'all are back together as a family. That was a long year.

OUR WILD ZOO! said...

I cannot put into words how much I LOVE reading your blog Heather! The photos of Ohio make my heart yearn to go home to Montana. I still -after 11 years of AZ living- get so "homesick" this time of year. I'm so happy for your beautiful family. I loved seeing the memories you're making together- what you've overcome and how you do it so gracefully. Truly I admire all you balance. And your sense of humor cracks me up, we'd SO be great friends if we didn't live a world apart, ha!
Just wanted to say hey and great to catch up on Ohio life...which I'm vicariously living through you as our temps heat back up to mid 80's this week, BOO :S

Deciduous Heather