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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

random thoughts part II

Another Tuesday where my brain will not allow for well-formed paragraphs, but I do have alot of random bouncing around up there so here goes...

1. Is it just me or does Dylan look like a freshman in college in his 6th grade pic? Did I mention he is 5-3 now? And eats non-stop.

2. And is it just me, or does he look just like his Daddy? I see Chris all over his face, with a smear of me across his eyes (and ears...) :)

3. Why is it so awkward on elevators? Am I the only one that feels awkward, or does everyone feel like the silence is sooooo awkward? Weird social situation...

4. A pharmacy school rant since that is consuming my life right now....Quick, what happens when you give a 17 month old too much DDAVP (desmopressin)? What should we monitor? What is the half life of the drug? When will it be completely out of his body? Yes these were questions I got a few days ago from the attending Fellow MD on the Pulmonary unit. All eyes on ME. Not because they were testing me, but because NO ONE knew the answer, and a little boy depended on my fast answers. STAT! Stressful!

5.  So it is no secret that my husband has baby fever, he would love another SET! Yes, I said SET. [[[Insert pic of my looking CRAZY here ]]] Suddenly everyone is pregnant. EVERYONE! Congrats to you guys, if you are reading [[[insert sweet, sincere smile here]]]. But honestly, I am starting to feel like there is a conspiracy going on. How can I talk my husband out of baby fever with all this good news going on?!

6. 3 days left of Pediatric Pulmonology....

7. Tomorrow I have a 45 minute presentation on Tourette Syndrome. Random, but soooo interesting!

8.  Karsen is going to be a vampire for Halloween. Dylan is not dressing up this year for the first time ever. He said he is too old. : ( So, instead he will be staying home and scaring the beegeezus out of kids that come to our house for candy. LOL He is so excited!

9.  We had a delicious fire in the wood-burning fireplace the other night. I loved it.

10.  Karsen starts gymnastics tonight here in OH, finally. She is so excited!

11. Panera's "soup for a group" rocks, especially the French Onion...and don't get me started about their bread. YUM. I have been eating non-stop this month, I blame stress. And the fact we live 1.1 miles from a Krispy Kreme. D'oh!

12.  I miss my family and friends and can't wait to go home to NC for Thanksgiving!

Next week I will try to do random thoughts that have absolutely nothing to do with food, but I can't make any promises! Ha!

1 comment:

karlie said...

I am loving these random thoughts. I swear if we lived closer we weould be laughing at each other all day we are so alike! I wish I knew what you knew about pharmacy, Id be a better mom. Only a few more weeks and we get to be with our families...=) We still think you are the hottest couple/family in ohio! =)

Deciduous Heather