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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

random thoughts....


Sleep deprivation brings out the random in me, so here are a slew of random thoughts.
  1. I am starting to worry about not finding a job in May. Little premature? Worry-wart, much?!
  2. I love hospital clinical pharmacy....should I do a residency, I am torn?
  3. I have learned to never listen to other people's opinions, form your own.
  4. I know more than I ever wanted to know about Wegener's Granulomatosis.
  5. Cystic fibrosis needs a cure. Like, now.
  6. I can't believe my baby will be turning 9 next month. When did her legs get so long?
  7. and on that same thought, were my legs ever that pretty? Ha!
  8. Dylan is in-between....getting older, taller,  but still so much still a litte boy....just with a cellphone and a mustache growing in now. Yes, it is blowing my mind.
  9. On that same thought, when did our children grow up? It is hitting me that they are so far from babies, and so close to becoming teens. OMG.
  10. When is Chris going to stop having baby fever? Seriously, it comes up about 15 times a week. No pun intended.
  11. I really stink at taking my birth control pill. I am the worst patient ever. Oh, the irony.
  12. I really love our house, it gives me chill bumps to think about how everything worked out so that we got this house. We thought our plans "were falling through" when we lost the other house, but we were actually about to be blessed. Now, I see that. :)
  13. I am so lucky to be married to a good man. I wonder what I did in my past life to deserve him, really?
  14. I love my little nephew, Kyland, so much. He visited this past weekend, and I wanted to keep him.
  15. Does riding the elevators at the hospital count as exercise?
  16. I have drank enough coffee the last 4 months to kill a small child. Or at least make them really hyper.
  17. I got off at 4pm today, and I almost don't know what to do with myself. I got to see the sunshine!
  18. Should I start doing yoga? Do you do yoga? Do you like it? Do I have to wear those tight pants in order to yoga? Yes, that matters, and I will factor it in my ultimate decision. Will it relax me? I am feeling a little high-strung. Ya think?
  19. I had a donut for breakfast. Yes, I had to confess. The guilt is heavy.
  20. I have missed my blog. I had to come here and say hey! Even if I was completely random! :)

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