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Sunday, August 29, 2010

P-4 presentation

Yes, I am flying out to C-bus today.
Yes, I finished my last day of Internal Med on Friday (YAYYY and more about all that in a later post), but NOW I need to look ahead to next Friday, Sept 3rd!
I have my (dreaded) P4 presentation.
Which is basically a requirement for last year Pharmacy students. We are randomly assigned a topic that we must research and present in front of 3-4 faculty members and ~30 P3 students=AN AUDIENCE!

*Gulp* I just got nervous.
OK, ok, yes that picture is a slight exageration!
But I am still prone to hysterics when I think about it!
What is my topic? I know you are dying to know!
Drumroll please.....

Topic: What is the evidence/benefits/risks of treating HIV patients with CD4 counts between 350-500 and > 500 with HAART? (Say what?)
WHERE: @ School WHEN: Friday, September 3rd, at 1:00pm; I will be the FIRST of 4 presenters. (Can't decide if that is good or bad?!) WHY: Strictly to torture last year students to see how badly they want their Doctorate degree in May.

*GULP* Prayers are appreciated!


Lisa said...

prayers are with you! You'll do great. :)

Foursons said...

Oh gosh girl, that would terrify me! But you have succeeded in EVERYTHING thus far, I know you can do this. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

karlie said...

ok girl, first of all, you are gonna rock this. after all you've been through the past year, this will be cake. Sure, you'll prob have some nerves but you ALWAYS pull through. Best of luck woman...prayers from florida!

Deciduous Heather