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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A compass, not a COMPASS!

So, things have been interesting around here, but we (slowly but surely) are finding our way to being back together! Chris is in full-time Daddy mode in OH, while I am still here in NC for a couple more weeks. He is so happy to have the kids there, and they are happy to be there with their Daddy finally. Chris has done his best to get the house settled into, take the kids to be registered for school, shop for school supplies, and feed and bathe the kids at regular intervals...etc.. LOL! I know it is a ton of work, but  he is just thrilled to have 3/4 of his family there with him (Dylan, Karsen and Miley). And, he is doing a great job!

My sister and I went to OH for a super quick trip this past weekend to take Miley (our german shepherd) and to help Chris unpack the house (WHICH I LOVE LOVE LOVE by the way~more about that later!). It was an exhausting but wonderful weekend. Before we left on Sunday, Chris asked me to look at the kids' school supply list and let him know if there was anything on there that might be difficult to find. So, I looked and told him the supply list looked pretty standard me.

I gave everyone hugs and kisses and we were on our way back to NC! A few hours later Chris calls and was very proud of himself because the school supplies had been successfully bought and he only spent $85 doing it! Awesome! However, there was only one thing he could not find....a compass. Our conversation went as follows:
Chris: "I could not find a compass anywhere in Target!"
Me: "Really, we were just there yesterday and I saw a ton of them in the back corner with all the other schools supplies?"
Chris: "Well, I looked in the camping section and didn't see any".
Me: Silence....(????)
Chris: "Why in the world would 6th graders need a compass anyway?"
Chris: "What, Heather?"
Me: "Baby, Dylan needs a compass, not a COMPASS!"
Chris: Silence......
At the end of the conversation he realized Dylan actually needed a compass, not a COMPASS. A few minutes later I sent him a pic of my sister with my cell phone to clarify with the following message.

THIS is a compass! Love, your smart-alleck wife. <3

Chris eventually figured it out, and now Dylan has a brand new compass to start the new school year. I am still chuckling about this two days later.


Foursons said...

Hahaha- too funny. Thank goodness for those fancy new cell phones!

Lisa said...

too funny! at least you stopped what would have been a very embarrassing first day of school for Dylan at math class time! :) can't wait to hear about the house!

Deciduous Heather