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Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Kids on the block

Dylan and Karsen went to check out the neighborhood with Daddy tonight. I love this pic even though it is blurry! Chris was running behind them with his cell phone. The kids were very excited, and they are so happy to there with their Daddy!

Meanwhile, I am here working my heart out and missing my family, but it won't be long now and I will be there too!

p.s. Yes, I called Chris to ask them where their helmets were?!


Lisa said...

Glad to hear things are going well! It won't be long!

Jane Anne said...

Love that you called him to ask about the helmets! I would have done the same thing.

Julie at Foursons sent me your way last week. My husband and I are starting a little journey- him working in another state. The timing isn't right to move the family and we are working hard on paying off debt. She said you'd gone through something similar. It's great to "meet" you. I'd love your prayers. Here's my blog: Gravity of Motion

Deciduous Heather