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Monday, August 30, 2010

I fell in love today

Love at first sight? Does it exist? Is it the real thing?
Well, I have been there and felt that. Yes, it is real. I walked into this store today and instantly fell in love.
Anthropologie~! I have read about it. Some of my favorite blogs freqently mention it, but I have never been in there. I haven't been shopping anywhere in forever, let alone a store like that.

I walked around and ooohed and ahhhhhed over every single thing I saw. I told my sister to send Chris the link and to let him know for future reference and for special occasions I would love ANYTHING in there. Especially the home decor.

I love
pretty things, 
and pretty things
love me. 
So many
lovely things
to see!

 I didn't buy anything, but it was nice to browse (and drool) and imagine what it will be like when I am working and will be able to buy pretty (expensive) things everything once in a while!
Anthropologie, I love you!
*All images from www.anthropologie.com

1 comment:

Foursons said...

I've never been to that store either, but I'm falling in love just from your pictures. :)

Deciduous Heather