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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We did it, Lo Hicimos, We did it!

 I did it! I passed this last module, and actually ended up doing pretty well in the class. Considering.....

I was so happy and relieved when I found out my grade. Even as the stress and pressure were mounting, I tried to NOT think about all the possibilities of what would happen IF I did not pass this module.  Now, I don't even have to think about it.

I did it! I passed with a big fat B! Woo-Hoo. I have never been so happy to make a B in my life!

On the way to school on the morning of the final, I could tell that Dylan was worried about something. I asked him what he was thinking about.... he said he was worried about my test.

Poor thing. He has always been very sensitive to other people's feelings. He has his Daddy's tender heart, and I love that about him. But, hearing the worry in his voice made me feel awful right away.....I felt guilty that my stress was so apparent that he was actually worried about this exam too.  I wanted to turn this into a teachable moment of sorts, so I told him that when we are worried about something or if we are going through something in our lives that we have no control over, sometimes all we can do is pray about it. He told me he thought it would make him feel better, so we prayed together right there in the car-pool line at school. As he was praying, "Please let my Momma do well on her exam" I had 3 things go through my head.

1. I was proud of him for saying "well" instead of "good". Yes, proper grammar is that important to me! Yes, I am a nerd, but we already knew this, folks.

2. I thought how lucky I am to be able to hear my son pray for me. I hope I was teaching him that praying will get him through many tough times in his life.

3. I felt guilty for worrying his 10 year old heart. Am I going to permanently damage my children in this whole process of finishing school? I felt like the Worst.Mom.Ever.

Can we say EMOTIONAL?

So, I dropped them the kids off at school and just prayed all the way to school. I listened to my requisite pre-exam song that gets my mind-set where it needs to be (wanna guess what song that is??, you'll never guess, not in a million years!), and then I felt at peace that I knew I worked hard to study, I knew the material...and I knew I could do it.

The first thing Dylan asked me that afternoon when I picked him up from school was "Hey Mom, did you ACE your test?" I told him, "No, baby, I don't think I ACED it, but I may have B-ECED it" He looked at me and said, "Is that even a word?" LOL, and then he hugged me, and said "I knew we could do it, Mom".

He was happy and relieved, and I almost cried for the 111th time this month (but whose counting?) He was just SO happy!  And, so am I! I officially B-eced it. I could not have done it without the extra prayers he said just for me.

Karsen was a little more laid-back and blase' about everything. So classic and typical of Karsen. 

Her response to my passing was "Duh, you're smart, I knew you were gonna pass! Can we make some chocolate chip cookies tonight?" Sassy, much?

Of course we can make cookies! To celebrate!
Because Lo Hicimos, We did it!


Lisa said...

YAY!!!! so happy for you. :) I am trying hard to get through this 2nd semester of A&P while dealing with back surgery and no job for the hubby, sick kids and all the other stuff called life!

Foursons said...

Ok, I'm guessing the Rocky theme song. And if it's not that then maybe a NKOTB song.

Congrats!!!! You did well and your kids learned that hard work and effort pay off. AND they learned that as long as you do your best you are doing well. An "A" is not necessarily the goal.

AND your son praying for you- priceless.

Good job Mom!

karlie and brett said...

awesome story...a true testimony of prayer...what a wonderful example you are to your children...and you GO GIRL for passing your exam! YAY...does this mean you are done with exams? Or do you have more? Do you start rotations soon?

Miss u!

OUR WILD ZOO! said...

I had some catching up to do, Heather! For the record, I think you're a FABULOUS mother. You know, you're real, you show them that we too feel emotions and must pray our way through them. You deserve all the credit in the world for all that you're balancing, it's amazing.
Loved catching up on your blog. I'm so glad you and the hubster could meet and enjoy such great times alone.
Loved the royalty post too, that's so cute that their school does that!
Thanks for the encouraging words on Kayli's performance. We're excited. Isn't it fun to see your kids spread their wings? Have a great week!

Deciduous Heather