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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hey Moxie Girl Makeover

Last night Karsen asked me if she could cut Amber's hair. "Who is Amber, Kar?", I asked?! She went on rather dramatically and said "My MOXIE GIRL! How could you forget her name?" Sigh. Of course, HOW could I have forgotten that vital piece of information!? Meet Amber: 
Karsen went on to plead the case that Amber needed a makeover because her hair was just "dead with so many split ends". (LOL) I explained that IF she cut Amber's hair, it would never grow back. ("Duh, Mom, she's just a toy"...after telling her to please not say "duh" to me and I know Amber is just a doll and that is why I did not remember her name in the first place...but that's neither here nor there!) Finally, I give her the "OK, as long as you clean it up and realize it will be permanent (and don't run with scissors!)" reply that she was looking for. She dances out of the room. At this moment I pause and ponder how difficult the teenage years might possibly be with this sassy girl...Oh my!

30 minutes later Karsen returns and announces that Amber has had the ultimate makeover. The BIG REVEAL:


Obviously, Karsen was blown away by Amber's transformation. In her words, "she went from flat and frumpy to OH SO FABULOUS" 

Oh, and by the way, I feel like I should mention here that one of Karsen's favorite shows to watch is "What Not to Wear".  By tuning into this show, she feels that she has the expertise and experience to comment on what I should and should not wear. It can be quite hilarious, especially when I wear a new pair of jeans, and she says
"Mom, those pants are not working with your hips"
 Meet the FUTURE fashion designer fashionista/stylist:


I told her she did a great job, and I did have to admit it does look super cute on Amber! Then she said, "I know!" and in the next breath she said "Mom, if you went on "What Not to Wear" they would totally cut your hair." 


Foursons said...

She did a great job but I sure am thankful for my boys right now! If one of them told me my jeans did not go with my hips I'd have to knock them into next week.

Beth said...

This is too funny! I'm especially amused because it was after catching the end of a What Not to Wear episode that Carter cut her own hair!! At least she used her scissors on Amber and not herself! I know I've got all this to look forward to as my girls get a little older...thanks for sharing.

Deciduous Heather