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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The King and Princess

MAJOR news of the week:
Dylan and Karsen won King and Princess of their respective classes. They were so excited. Now, they will be presented at the Spring Fling on April 1st.....

I almost cried when Dylan told me his news because he was sooo excited. Last year he was really struggling socially, and there were times when he would tell me he did not have any friends. When I picked him up in the car rider line, his bottom had barely touched the seat before he told me he was voted by his class to be the Class King. The class queen that he will be presented with is a sweet girl that we carpool with, and we are very good friends with and go to church with their family. Sweet!

Karsen was just as excited. Her class election was a little more dramatic of course. A la Karsen! There was a tie initially between Karsen and her equally sweet best friend, Madeline. They had a vote-off....and Karsen won. I wish they could have shared the title, but I guess that is life, and I don't make the rules. Karsen will be presented with another little boy that goes to our church too. Aww~!

So, yep, royalty resides here. Pictures to come after the Spring Fling!

Cancer and Chemo drugs are on my agenda tonight...there are only about 400 of them, and I need to know them all by 9am in the morning. also... side effects, pre-meds, doses, and chemo regimens for specific cancers. YIKES! Do you have any idea how long some of these drug names are? I had to take a breather, because the letters are starting to run together and some of the words are literally falling out of my ears. My brian is mush! But it has to be done... G'night!


Foursons said...

Good luck on the test! That sounds painfully boring.

Congrats to Dylan and Karsen! That's great news and I love Dylan's excitement.

Lisa said...

Good luck heather!! can't wait for pics of your king and princess!

Fancy Pants said...

Congratulations to the King and Princess!! How sweet about their excitement, especially Dylan. I got a sad face :( when I read that he said he didn't have any friends last year. That doesn't seem like a problem this year, yay!

Deciduous Heather