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Friday, November 6, 2009

No Small Victory

We had an unwanted and unexpected guest arrive at our house this week.

Ye be forewarned, swine flu lurks within.

After the fact, I can say that there were some rather amusing moments.
One being, when Dylan got his diagnosis
and then looked at the Doctor
and said (oh so seriously),
"And thank you, for taking the swine flu seriously"
The doctor looked at me like

Dylan later went on to say something about
not eating so much bacon next time I make it.

I think the high fever was effecting him.
No, he is always like this. 

 Sarcastic, dry, and ever-so insightful
for a 10 year old.

Karsen was a little less dramatic about being sick.
But completely devastated that she would miss
a few days of school this week.

Poor thing.
Our social butterfly LOVES school.
She even makes up homework to do herself at home.
And tries to help Dylan do his home
(since he is so uninterested.)

The Swine Flu really put a dent
into her social calendar.

This morning she was ohhh so happy to brush her hair,
plan her wardrobe
and bounce out the door
on the way back to school!

NOT nearly as happy as I was....

Although, I almost went border-line bonkers...
(I definitely had my moments)
I cried, prayed, and just hoped we would all make it
through this week in one piece.

And somehow after 3+ days of QUARANTINE mode...

We made it out alive on the other side.
Fever-free for 36+ hours, enough chicken soup to last a lifetime,
and a lot of pent-up energy!
Yay to healthy, energetic children!

We made it.
It was ugly,
but we came, we saw, and we conquered
The Swine Flu.
It was no small victory.


karlie and brett said...

oh my gosh! Hurray for healthy kids again...I can't even imagine one child with it, but two at the same time! Good work mama...way to make it through....

Foursons said...

So glad everyone is back to normal! Yuck- the flu is awful. Swine or otherwise.

Lisa said...

So glad you guys are all fine! Did you and your hubby get it too? Now you can breathe easy the rest of the season! In all seriousness, I am very afraid of it. Did you go to your doctor because of high fever? What do they do to decipher between swine flu and seasonal flu? We are not vaccinating, and one minute I'm sure about that, but the next I question our decision.

Deciduous Heather