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Monday, November 2, 2009

Apple-Bobbing should be against the law during flu season (Happy Halloween!!)

Dylan is a very serious Anakin Skywalker as he decides to go to the dark side.
He is doing the "force choke" here.

He REALLY loves Halloween, it has always been his favorite holiday.
And STAR WARS is his latest obsession.

Here, he wanted me to make sure I got a picture of how his cape looks when he walks.
Dramatic, huh?

What a difference a year can make.
Last year Karsen was a sweet Indian Princess.
This year she wanted to be a wicked witch.
(Mission accomplished.)

With black lip stick....
(and spider around her neck)

And black streaks running through her hair.
To complete the total "look".

We were happy because Chris was home
and got to watch the kids..... have a great time at a Halloween party
and a blast bobbing for apples....

Karsen and Dylan BOTH got the apple they were going after!*
AND were successful at busting the witch pinata.

*Unfortunately, they may have gotten more than they
bargained for as they were bobbing for apples....
AND I am NOT the kind of wife that would EVER say
"I told you so"
But my anxiety and germaphobe tendencies
kicked into full force
(and words like H1N1, mucous, streptococcus)
starting flying through my paranoid, nerdy head,
as they started diving head-first, open mouthed
bobbing for the apples....

Fast forward 48 hours....
They are both in bed with flu-like symptoms.
I hope and pray they are both better in the morning.

Regardless, we had a very Happy Halloween.
Happy November, everyone!

P.S.  Chris, if you are reading...I love you very much....
(and I told you so. )


Foursons said...

Ugh. You would think they'd have not done the apple bobbing this year! That stinks so bad. I hope they feel better quickly and that you are not nursemaid for weeks on end.

I love the costumes though- glad they had a fun night!

Lisa said...

oh no! I hope they are okay!

Deciduous Heather