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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Karsen Grace, Age 8

Karsen Grace, Age 2

I can't believe our little girl is turning 8. Where has the time gone? I remember it like it was yesterday, you were born looking like a little eskimo baby with a ton of hair. You spent the first few years of your life clinging to me. You did not like anyone else very much. The first year of your life was pretty much spent crying, and I am not exaggerating...I think they call it colic. Whatever it was, you definitely had it...and you and I were pretty much attached for a year. Not that I am complaining. I loved that you wanted to be with me and only me for a little while. It does just seem like a blink of an eye...and now you are 8!

Sweet, inquistive girl

Always smiling....

Turning 5...and becoming very sassy...

and quite competitive...(I think you get that from your Daddy).

You're not afraid to try new things...

and you are your happiest when you are singing and dancing!!

Two of Daddy's favorite girls!
Miley Ray and Karsen Grace

You love summer (just like your Momma)!

And you still let me braid your hair from time to time...

You are still a little girl is so many ways....

but you are also growing up very fast.
 I can see that you are starting to flex that independence...
and most of the time you have a sixteen-year old-attitude
 in the body of an eight year old!

But you're still our baby....and we love you very much!!
Happy Birthday, KG!

1 comment:

Foursons said...

I love getting to see her grow up in pictures. She has turned into such a beauty!

Deciduous Heather