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Monday, February 21, 2011

what's COOL and what's NOT

YAY it's Monday! I got a random and unexpected day OFF today. My preceptor thought I should spend President's Day off with my family. How nice. I agree. Thank you, Mrs. Supernice ReallyCOOL Preceptor. You didn't have to do that.

Dylan has a friend over. We spent the morning putting the basement back together after the unexpected flood--our hot water heater busted and flooded the entire basement last week. Unexpected expenses ARE NOT cool. Good times. Anyway, things are fixed and back to normal...and Dylan and friend are hanging out once again in their fave (dry) spot playing Call of Duty: Black Ops. Evidently it's the COOLest game and all rage right now. According to 11 and 12 year old boys, anyway.

Karsen has her third outfit of the day on. My little fashionista. Yesterday I let her pick out MY outfit, and she must've told me how COOL I looked about 50 times. HA! She has already picked out her outfits for school tomorrow AND Wednesday. Yesterday at Target, we bought her a pair of khaki pants with ZIPPERS ON THE BOTTOM OF THE LEGS. Circa 1988~Remember when?~ OMG. Tonight she wants me to braid her hair so that we can unbraid them in the morning and her hair "will be wild and wavy all day!". I used to wear my hair like that in the 6th grade. Remember when crimping irons were SOOOO cool? Circa 1988. AGAIN. It really was a full-circle moment for me. LOL Fashion really does come back around I see. How old am I again?

Chris is enjoying his federal holiday, one of the many perks of his job. Random holidays off here and there ROCK!  Right now, he is on his way back from DSW and Panera. It is not JUST cool here, it's COLD and rainy outside, so he went to grab our favorite soup for lunch. What a sweetie.  <3

Speaking of the weather....Columbus is SO NOT cool. It's just plain 'ol cold. Four days ago it was in the 60s here and the sun was shining for the first time in months. I optimisticly asked the Pharmacy team at Walmart if Spring had officially arrived in OH??!! They just looked at me and laughed. NOT cool. HA! It was just wishful thinking on my part, I see. Especially since it SNOWED here yesterday!

Dylan has a 4:40pm hair appointment today that we can NOT miss. We need to remedy the Justin Bieber-esque mullet he has going on right now. SERIOUSLY?!  I guess the back of his hair grows faster than the front? I don't know...but I know we are going to JUST SAY NO to the (forever un-COOL no matter what decade it is) MULLET. HA!

Happy Monday, everyone!

1 comment:

Foursons said...

The 80's style was sooo bad and I see it coming back w/high school kids now. Especially w/the florescent colors. Ugh.

My 9 year old likes Black Ops too. Boys....

Deciduous Heather