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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gabi's day at the Zoo

I know I have bragged about  mentioned how artistically talented my hubby is from time to time here on my blog. Recently, due to his new job, our relocation, and the pure craziness that has been our lives....he was forced to put painting on the back-burner and take a break.  I am happy to report he has been able to slowly incorporate it back into his life here recently. It is a true God-given talent, and  I can see that when he is painting--- he is truly happy.

Here's one of my favorite portrait's he has EVER done. It is a portrait of a past co-worker's daughter at the Zoo. She commissioned Chris to do the painting and planned it as a Christmas surprise for her husband. Here is their sweet daughter, Gabriella.

CHKennedy Copyright 2008, Oil
I love this painting. I love her hair and how you can see the light hitting the golden strands. And the sweet barette just kills me. I.LOVE.IT. His next portrait will be of her little brother, that is now the same age as she was then. I can't wait to see it!  Thanks for letting me brag a bit. :)

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