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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

all shiny and new

So, did he see his shadow?! (google images)
It's a new month~! Happy February and Happy Groundhog's Day!
It also means another rotation for me...Goodbye to the Children's Hospital and what was quite possibly my favorite rotation of the year (and perhaps a future job...more on that as it develops *fingers crossed*) and with the new month comes another challenge. Welcome to the world of Walmart and retail pharmacy!
That just means we are another month closer to graduation....and SPRING!

Punxsutawny Phil saw his shadow. YAYYYY...He says we will have an early Spring. I say HALLELUJAH!  The kids and I are home today with a snow day. They were out yesterday too. It actually should be called an "old snow-->freezing rain-->ice-->freezing rain-->ice-->more snow" day. Can you say cold? I really am thankful we still have power. Anywho, to put it mildly....an early Spring? YES please! Stay warm, everyone.

P.S. I really LOVE my new blog look. MastoMama did a great job! What do you think?

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