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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

we could see our shadows!

Sunday, we had a major change in the weather here! The snow starting melting as the temperatures reached the mid 40s! WOO-HOO~ That is a major change compared to ZERO degrees a few days ago. We could see our shadows! Because the sweet sun decided to come out and shine for the first time in ages.

We took the chance to ride our bikes! Check out my new bike!! I am so excited. We live really close to the Olentangy River bike trails, and I am hope to hit them hard during my month off in March.

For now, the kids and I enjoyed a fun afternoon of riding around our neighborhood. After one lap, we had to run back in the house and get gloves on, LOL but it was still so nice to be outside in the sun! Spring, I know you're on your way, and that makes me a very happy girl!

1 comment:

karlie said...

i love the new layout! So cute! And yay for warmer weather, you know, we may or may not have some good weather here, come see us! :) Oh wait, you are super MOM and have no time! Miss you guys. Such a gorgeous family you have!

Deciduous Heather