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Monday, February 21, 2011

breaking news....

There is an awesome Science Museum/fun kid destination here in Columbus that the kids love! COSI! It is very interactive with different exhibits/shows that are geared to be educational AND fun. We spent this past Saturday afternoon there! I forgot my real camera, but did take a couple of pics with my cell phone. I think one of their favorite exhibits was the TV studio where they could do mock interviews and see what real news studios look like behind the scenes. The kids were so much fun to watch.....it was great to see their imaginations run wild.

Here is Karsen behind the camera. She was a natural. She kept telling me that the light was not good for me. LOL

When it was her turn to be the news anchor, she talked about sunny skies and the Olympics. Then she mentioned the NBA slam dunk contest. Talk about versatility. HA!

Dylan took the stage and talked about the Cuban Missile Crisis (?!?) and the economy; specifically the 95% inflation rate of the currency in Germany. (You never know what is going to come out of Dylan's mouth.) As you can tell, he was really getting into the moment.

Next, Dylan took the stage to be the weather man. He was pointing at a 7 day forecast and then suddenly....he was being attacked by a shark.  Karsen (was behind the scenes) and changed the background from weather man to JAWS!! He loved it!

They had a fun afternoon at COSI, and we are thinking about buying memberships. It is great when you can tell the kids are having FUN and learning at the same time. :)

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