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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Time Flies

Are there really ONLY 4 whole days and 4 half days left of the school year for the kids?

Our Flower can't possibly be finished with the 1st grade already?!

Our Sun can't possibly be going to the 5th grade next year?!

Say it ain't so!

Our Flower just started Kindergarden the other day!

I know cause I was there, and I remember it quite well. I cried all the way out of the school after I said goodbye. (Well, after she told me to leave because "I am fine, Momma!" ) Yes, I cried big ol' crocodile tears for the better part of the day.

And, Our Sun can not be going into the 5th grade, can he?

I remember his sweet 4 year old face so clearly (He did not turn 5 until 8 weeks later). He was as cute as they come. He looked like a little man walking into the school with that big ol' bookbag on his back. The 5th grade can't be right!

I demand a recount!

I guess I am feeling melancholy as another school year comes to a close. I was looking through old pictures this morning and wondering where the time went?

Here are some of the cutest:

My Flower, Mean Princess circa 2003

First Fishing Trip, Lake Tillery, Circa 2003

Where has the time gone? 2003

Still being silly in 2004

Fall 2004 in Lake Lure

Another Road Trip 2005

Looking Grown 2006

After Picking Strawberries 2007

Labor Day Weekend, Sunset Beach 2008

No matter how old they are, what grade they are in, or even when they get taller than me....
They will always be my babies.

1 comment:

Foursons said...

I'm right there with ya'. I kind of went into panic mode the other day when I realized I have a 2nd grader! How the heck did that happen?

Deciduous Heather