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Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Almost M.D.

This video made me cry.

As My Rock and I toy with the idea of having more children, this video made me realize what an easy choice it is.

For all the teenagers out there pregnant and lost, please know that decisions you make now will be with you your whole life.

For all the women trying to conceive and can't....my heart breaks for them.

Yes, I get terribly SICK when I am pregnant, but it is worth it. Beyond a shadow of a doubt. It is.

I love being a MOM. It is my most favorite thing, and is very easily what I do best in this world.

I love it.

My kids blow me away daily, make my heart wanna bust with love spilling out over and over again.

My Flower wrote me a note yesterday to tell me I was
..the best mom ever and "Happy Almost M.D."..Love Flower
...M.D.? Mother's Day....of course.

My Sun yearns for my approval, basks in affection from his mother, and I am very conscious of the fact that I am molding the man that he will be one day. How scary! How priceless.

Being a Mom is the hardest and most important thing I do everyday.

This video was so beautiful I wanted to share. I can't wait for our hearts to grow a little more when we expand our family, if it is His will.

Happy Almost Mother's Day~

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