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Friday, May 22, 2009

We are Charleston bound!

Tomorrow we are heading out of town for a much-needed escape from reality.

To the most beautiful place in the South~ Charleston, SC!

Rainbow Row @ Battery Park

The Piccolo Spoleto Festival 2009 starts today, so we will go do all the artsy-fartsy festival things. My Rock, the talented artist, is very excited about this! The kids will also be able to do some crafts and have alot of fun. I just want to eat alot of vendor food~ yum!

We plan to also do one of the famous Ghost Tours. Our Sun is so excited. Hope they are not too scary!

We will also be swinging through Sullivan's Island~ which is one of my most favorite places ever. It is one of the things that made it onto my Things that Rock My World list~ remember? My Rock asked me to marry him (again) at the base of this lighthouse. Awwww~!

Sullivan's Island Lighthouse

The rest of our itinerary is as follows:
  • do whatever we want
  • fly by the seat of our pants, moment to moment
  • maybe hit the outlets
  • definitely eat at Carrabba's (Our Sun's fave place)
  • walk on the beach
  • get some sun while walking on the beach (using sunscreen all the while of course!)
  • sleep in (delicious)
  • and just do whatever we want for 3 whole days!
VA-CAY, baby! @ Charleston! We would LOVE to move there one day.

Daniel's Island would be nice. Or one of those Tara-esque plantations...

Something like this would be lovely, but I am not picky.

Tara Plantation from Gone With the Wind

Oh, that IS Tara!

Fine, I'll take it!
I'm a simple, southern girl....

Happy Memorial Day, weekend, ya'll (*spoken like a true southener).

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