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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Not Me "Monday"

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I am most certainly NOT posting on Tuesday again. It is just an allusion, folks.

Busy times here.....so cut me some slack. I have certainly been busy NOT doing several things.

I have not become obsessed with Heroes:Season One on Netflix in the last couple of weeks. I have NOT watched 17 episodes to date and I have most certainly NOT let my Sun watch a few of the episodes. I do NOT think Sylar is beautiful, and I am not officially in love with him after I saw Star Trek. I do not just love dark hair, dark eyes, and nerdy all in one.

I LOVE Spock & Sylar.
I am NOT too old to have a crush, nope, not me!

Speaking of crushes, my Rock, my numero uno crush siempre and I did NOT tune into the MTV Movie Awards the other night JUST to catch the premeire of the "New Moon" trailor. I am NOT that big of a fan. I do NOT love Jacob Black like the rest of the tweens and 14 year old girls in America. I am a mother for goodness sakes, let's act like one.


If you are not an aficionado of the whole Twilight obsession series~ Jacob is the dark haired, dark eyed, dreamboat behind the vampire in the front. Edward is cute and all, but I love Jacob.

Am I being clear?

I did NOT scream when I saw the trailer when Jacob morphed into the werewolf. I did not scream guys, nope, not me.

Warning **Don't watch the trailer, unless you are prepared to heart Jacob too.**

Get a'hold of yourself, Heather.

I also did NOT watch it 5 times before I started my rotation at the hospital yesterday. Gimme a break, 5 times, nope, not me.

And, just so I can be 100% guilty honest here on my blog, I just gotta tell you that I do NOT have the trailer link bookmarked.....so I can watch it everyday here and there until the movie opens on November 20th.

I did NOT just turn my Not Me Monday post into a Star Trek and New Moon commercial.

Nope, not me.

I am NOT dreading doing my hospital rotation this month. I don't know why.

I am super-excited about learning something new, and the idea of doing rounds with med students does NOT scares me to death. I do NOT want to wish away the next month of my life....or maybe wish it away until November 20th. But that would be CRA-a-ZY!

Doing the rotation itself will also prevent me from participating in Not Me Monday on the right day, and this in itself does NOT just tick me off to no end. It is just a blog posting, right. I have not taken a hobby too far, nope, NOT me.

Happy Tuesday super-late Monday all~


Foursons said...

You can always write your post and pre-date it to appear on Mondays. And I am an Edward fan. I just got really irritated when Jacob turned out to be a werewolf. Annoyed me much.

Deciduous Heather said...

Thanks for the blog posting tip~ I had no idea you could "post-date" a post~

Foursons said...

I tagged you! And...it took me a while to figure it out post-dating too. (Did you figure out how?)

Alicia W. said...

Just blog hoppin and had to stop and say hello! Your blog is adorable. I'm Alicia from S.C, Nice to meet ya!

Deciduous Heather