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Sunday, April 28, 2013

soccer saturdays

spring soccer has been a big part
 of our Saturdays as of late
(way too) early morning games on the weekend
umbrella chairs, blankets, and coffee in hand
it take a few minutes to warm up on those brisk morning
especially for little girls that know more than their momma
and refuse to wear leggings (sigh) under their shorts
despite the freezing temps 'round these parts
this looks says it all
"mom, stop taking pictures of me please"
I just snap away anyway
and wonder silently to myself
when in the world did her legs get that long?
we shiver
we cheer
we bring drinks and snacks for the team
to celebrate a win or tie (or loss)
at the end of the game
either way, they all have so much fun
during Saturday morning Spring soccer games  

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