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Friday, January 14, 2011

this and that

Hey! It's me. I am alive!  I know I have been MIA. I can't believe that we are already half way through January! AND it's 2011?! We all know what happens later this year. I FINALLY graduate! HALLELUJAH!

But not before I finish 2.5 more rotations......

I am REALLY enjoying my month at the Children's Hospital. I have been super busy and completely consumed. I am behind on emails. Have barely been on facebook. Need to pay bills and do laundry. My list is long this weekend, but I am so happy it is finally the weekend!

I am spending a great deal of time this month talking to parents and kiddos about their asthma medications. I love it! I am also spending time in the HIV clinic. My first day there was kinda rough. I talked with a sweet 9 year old girl right after they told her she was HIV+. IT BROKE MY HEART. It just hit home that she was 9, just like Karsen. Liked Webkinz, just like Karsen. Talked sweet and sassy, just like Karsen.

I cried all the way home because her young life really changed that day. She acquired the virus during birth because her Daddy decided to dabble in IV drug use while Mom was pregnant. Mom was tested last month due to new insurance coverage and found out she was HIV positive. Then they brought all four kids in to be tested, all were negative except the baby. So sad.

Did I mention this broke my heart? It was my 2nd day there. Since then I have been inspired by the patients in the clinic. Being HIV+ is not the death sentence that it once was. There are so many drug options now that can keep patients undetectable for a long time. Most of these patients are determined and full of hope. So resilient. I feel fortunate to be there to witness that.

We are enjoying the winter here in OHIO so far. I have officially acquired all the winter gear we all need. Snow pants. Snow boots. Gloves galore. An assortment of scarves. Hand warmers. Sleds. We have definitely needed it all (well maybe not the sleds per se, but the kids have sure had fun!). It has snowed on and off the last 4 days. I am surprised that I am handling the winter weather as well as I am. I am usually itching for summer bigtime by now. Of course, now that I mention this, I will have a major flare-up of seasonal affective disorder next week.

I have something that I am super super excited about! NO, I am not pregnant. That's a big fat NO!

BUT.....My blog is getting a facelift! I am so EXCITED! Things will look different 'round here shortly! However, you will still be able to read my pointless banter and crazy pharmacy school tangents and see occasional pics of my sweet kids. That won't change! ;) So, stay tuned!


Foursons said...

Yay for graduating this year! Woohoo!!!!!

I don't know if I could have handled seeing a 9 year old w/HIV. So, so, so sad. And the father- scum. Ugh.

You must take some more snow pictures so I can live vicariously through you.

OUR WILD ZOO! said...

Heather, I'm loving catching up on your blog. Thank you for your very kind comment on my site. It means a lot to me-I've been taking some heat and so I appreciate the cyber ((hug)) haha!
I felt so emotional reading about the 9 year old you counseled. That is heart breaking. Nine years old. I know that she was talking to the right woman, however, who could mirror hope and and love and encouragement to her. You are truly a light, Heather.

The "how to" video cracked me up. First of all, he's so handsome and second- what a smarty pants, geesh! I was totally impressed!

I pray that 2011 is one of HUGE blessings to you and your beautiful family. Graduation is on the horizon and what an amazing feeling that must bring! So, so proud of you.

karlie said...

Woman, you are so busy! Glad you guys are enjoying Ohio, and that you are enjoying the WINTER!
And maybe you should have been a nurse, you are so compassionate, we need more of you in the medical field! =)HOpe you and your fam are doing great! Love you guys...

Deciduous Heather