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Monday, January 24, 2011

100 days of January

It has been perpetually snowing since forever...well not forever, but it feels like it. I am starting to realize that it is the norm here in OHIO for it to be kinda always snowing. Not always "accumulating". But always snowing. Here's the kicker...the thing that really blows my mind is....everyone acts like it is nothing. We are still in awe each and everytime we see a snowflake. I start checking the news to see if school is cancelled or delayed...NOPE.NEVER.NOT HERE IN OHIO. Everything just goes on as usual. (Weird!) Meanwhile, we are perpetually making fires, drinking hot chocolate and cuddling in our snuggies. (Seriously, I got one for Christmas) LOL

We are enjoying gray, snowy January....BUT it is starting to feel like January is the longest month ever. Isn't it already the 91st day of the month??  Last week I alluded to the fact that I was not sick of winter yet. Um, today, I am just about sick of January. Come on February, one month closer to spring.  I am officially feeling deciduous!

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