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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

student of the month & an award

Karsen recently won (a major)* award. Her school participated in the "Together We Can" awards. Students could choose to submit a creative idea of their choosing that applied to their theme. Karsen chose to submit an acrostic poem in the literature category. Here is it.

*post-holiday reference to A Christmas Story. Anyone get it?

Together We Can..Save the Earth!
By: Karsen

Take care of
Our Mother Earth
Go Green!
Everyone should do it!
Try not to litter!
Help reduce waste.
Educate people!
Reduce, reuse, recycle!

We can save the planet.
Earth is our home!

Consider making a change.
Answer the challenge.
Now is the time for action!


Karsen was also recently chosen Student of the Month at her new school! She had her picture displayed at the entrance foyer of the school with the following information under it. It was a fill-in-the-blank format that she completed.


My Grade 3rd
My favorite color brown
My favorite TV show is Hannah Montana Forever
My favorite food is BBQ at Hoggy's
Some things I like to do when I am not in school are Gymnastics, Read, Play outside with my dog, Miley
When I grow up I want to be a gymnast and a chef
My favorite class is computer lab
My favorite thing about 3rd grade is Math, Science and learning all that smart stuff!

It made me smile. Congrats, Karsen!

I realize this is not the most exciting post, and I haven't written in a while.....I just know that life seems super busy right now between the kids' schedules, my school, and everything else in between. I am making it a point to write this down, capture it, remember it* Because these are the sort of things I don't want to forget. 
*Another reference...this time to a song....anyone know it? Forgive me, when I am tired I get a little tangential. Ha! 


Foursons said...

Your kiddos are really thriving at their new school. Congrats to her! Super job Karsen.

Together We Save said...

Congrats to your daughter.

OUR WILD ZOO! said...

Yeaaaaa Karsen-! Beautiful girl on the outside AND inside. I LOVE "the little things" that you blog about, what a BIG accomplishment. It will make her smile to look back on the blog and see how proud you are of her. You're right, time needs to slooOow down!

Deciduous Heather