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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rotation #6: VA Ambulatory Care

It's December 1st! Today I start my 6th rotation at the Veteran's Affairs Ambulatory Care Clinic. It will be a major change from the kiddos at the Children's Hospital last month. I hadn't thought about it, but when  I went to give fingerprints at the VA (they have extensive security checks before the rotation starts) I checked in at the front. A few minutes later, a woman came up to me and said "Hi, Heather, you can come with me"...I guess she could see the surprise on my face. I was wondering how she "knew me". I had some government conspiracy theory going in my head....lol when she leaned in and said, "Well, you are the only woman here, so I figured it was you". Ha! Duh!

I looked around and just saw dozens of men, and then there was me. I had not thought about that aspect of the rotation.

Well, I am going to read up on anti-coagulation for the coumadin clinic and diabetes management for the out-patient counseling I will be doing. It will be a refresher for me, but it is amazing how stale your brain can get when you have a month off.

I want to make a good impression because they have a job posted at the VA that I would LOVE to have. Wish me luck!

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