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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Taking Baby Steps

Things have been interesting around here to say the least. I've had moments where I felt like I was teeter-tottering on the edge of insanity...but I am feeling a little more optimistic now (and alot less exhausted) since our weekend of drama that ended with me and Dylan at the ER in the middle of the night.

He starting getting sick Friday morning about 5am~this happened for about 3 days and just got to the point where I felt like enough was enough, and he was not getting any better...only worse!  Sunday night around 2am he started acting confused and I was worried about him being dehydrated from all the N/V/D (nausea/vomitting/diarrhea) with this nasty virus. It scared me bigtime, so off we go to the ER!

6 hours later we were home...I am happy to report that he has not gotten sick since his ER dose of Zofran...YAY Zofran! It sure did not help me when I was pregnant, but I was so glad it helped Dylan feel better. I hope and pray that he eats a whole meal today for the first time in 4 days. Keeping my fingers crossed that he can return to school tomorrow! I would not wish this virus on anyone! It was bad!

Due to all this drama, I missed an exam yesterday---Staying up most of the night for an impromptu all night trip to the ER just is not conducive to taking a 9am Pharmacy calculations/Aminoglycoside monitoring exam the following morning...my brain was mush, so I had to reschedule.  I will be taking it tomorrow at 1pm! Pray for me!

Tonight my plans are to study for the impending FINAL exam that I have looming ahead on Friday morning! It will include Schizophrenia, OCD, Alcohol Induced Liver Disease, and Erectile Dysfunction meds among other oh-so-interesting topics.

All work and NO play makes me very grumpy so I will also record/be watching the Olympics/American Idol! I am so excited to see the Women's figure skating starting tonight. I may attempt to watch and study at the same time. I figure it won't be quite as challenging as studying and taking care of a child with projectile vomitting like I did this past weekend. Anything will be easier than that.

There is only one thing worse than your husband living 588 miles away, and that is having a sick child and needing to rush to the ER in the middle of the night, when your husband lives 588 miles away. :(

Speaking of the husband...we are both are just looking forward to the time when this transition is over. He may be able to come home for a long weekend during my Spring Break! WOO-HOO!

But just like Bob Wiley who takes the advice of the great Dr Leo Marvin in "What About, Bob?" We will just think about taking "Baby Steps" for now.

Baby steps to Dylan recovering 100% from this awful stomach virus.  Baby steps to tomorrow and making up Exam #1 and hopefully doing well. Baby steps till Friday and my Therapeutics FINAL and having this tough module BEHIND me. Baby steps till Chris comes home again.  Baby steps to our family being together in the same house in the same state and being back to normal without me going LOCA in the meantime!

For right now, it's all about taking Baby Steps!
We'll get there eventually...


Foursons said...

Oh my goodness. Did you have to wake your daughter and drag her with you to the ER? Times are tough for you right now. Good luck on the tests.

karlie and brett said...

I wish I was closer so I could help! Single mommy status for a while is hard, but looks like you have a great attitude. We seriously need to pick a date and get together...Call me if you need to chat. Good luck on all your exams and hope you little one is doing better....!

Captain J said...

I hope your week improves. Speedy recovery for Dylan!

Lisa said...

you are such a strong woman!! I feel very lucky to know you, and proud too! You are encouraging, making me believe I can school, be a mom, and supportive wife as well. My husband is actively looking for a job, and if gets one out of state, we may be living just like you for a while. How DO you do it?! That would be a good post to read. :)

Deciduous Heather