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Friday, February 5, 2010

February funk

How predictable, right? Yes, I have been quiet. The people in my life know that when I get quiet, it usually means I am laying low for a reason. Either, I am sick, one of the kids are sick, I have many tests happening at the same time, OR I am just in a general funk. Well ALL of these things have been going on over the last 10 or so days...so that is why I have been MIA!

I have been sick. Blah.

The kids have been sick. Ughhh.

I have had several, stressful exams. One that ended very, very, very badly...and I am still nursing my wounds.

AND I am just in a general funk. So there!

February is so NOT my favorite month. I have a theory that "they" created the pseudo-holiday of Valentine's Day and strategically planned for it to fall in February for a reason. It is nice to see a splash of pink and red... or get bright, beautiful flowers when all we have seen since November-ish is cold snow/rain, gray days of winter.....so they invent Valentine's day...and say, let's make it a warm, romantic day to soften the cold, hard edges of February.

Do you want me to tell you how I really feel about February? ;)  Ok, ok, tangent over.

On top of all this, we don't have batteries. (Random? lol) I was planning to upload the pics from our 4 day snowed in weekend today. The snow started Friday, and we got about 5 inches which is quite alot for us. It was beautiful and fun to watch it fall. Dylan and Karsen were excited, and we looked forward to a weekend at home with lots of home-cooking and hot chocolate. Well, the weekend turned into 4 (sick) days and 2.5 SNOW DAYS! ...

....and we did not get back to our normal schedule until Wednesday. Can you say "cabin-fever"? Crazy? Coo-coo for cocoa puffs?  Yep, we were all ready for the snow/ice to melt, so we could get back into the swing of things.

But, back to my original thought (I blame the overdose of benadryl and pseudoephedrine I had this past week for the scatter-brained-foggy-headedness I have going on, and YES that IS a technical adverse drug effect lol)...anyway, my digital camera is dead as a doorknob, so I can't post any pictures today.

I do want to end this post on a happy note~A couple of "snapshots" of hanging out with the kids during our loooong snow weekend. Here are two of them.

I made homemade vegetable beef soup one day (YUM), because I was really feeling bad and needed some soup for the soul. After we ate, Dylan got up and started cleaning up the kitchen!!! This is a first, people! Before I could say anything, he looked up at me with the most concerned look and said,

 "I know you feel bad, Momma".
How sweet!? I almost cried. He really does have his father's tender heart.

A few days later.... Karsen was helping me cook supper. It's a routine I really love....She absolutely loves being in the kitchen. She loves to cook, and, for an 8 year old, she is oddly obsessed with the Food Network! It is so cute. So, we planned our meal of grilled chicken, brocolli casserole and mac n cheese. The brocolli needed caramelized onions, so I started cutting up one onion, and she says' "I think I have the solution!" and runs away. Ok?  I had no idea what solution she was talking about...and to what problem she was referring to exactly, so I just kept cutting up onions. She returns about 90 seconds later, and when I turned to ask her to grab the butter I see that she has on her hot pink swimming goggles. LOL

She said "Those onions sure were spicy on my eyes!" 

It was so cute and hiliarious, pure priceless. She looked so dang proud of herself too. Of course, I grabbed the camera to take a pic, and she said "NO, I don't want you to put it on Delicious Heather!"

It's Deciduous Heather, people!! lol. What kinda of blog do you think I have exactly?! Let's keep it clean. lol.


Lisa said...

Delicious Heather---too funny!! your February feelings sound like my January feelings...I HATE january! At least February is 3 days shorter. :) Have a great weekend!

karlie and brett said...

I like your reasonings for valentines day....perfect. I hope you have a wonderful upcoming reunion....

Deciduous Heather