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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve To-Do List

I have a day sans children, and as most mothers know.... these days can be few and far between, they must be used wisely and cannot be taken for granted. Whatever shall one do when they find themselves with unexpected alone time? Hmmmmm, I'm at a loss...

After I do a few things around the house.....

I think I will go get my toes did because they look like they have been attacked by wild pit bulls and all the polish is chipped off....it ain't pretty. I am sporting total winter feet, these toes have not seen daylight in months. But I still want to feel pretty, so I think I will go get pampered for a little bit.

Sidenote here: Does it freak anyone else out when people touch your feet?  I find myself writhing in discomfort half the time I am getting the pedicure. I am sure that pretty much makes me a complete weirdo, but thought I would ask? And, thanks to my wonderful husband, I have a gift card to the spa (that I got for Christmas) that I will use to get my feet pampered/tortured! Thanks, Bay!

Also, I have alluded to the fact that I am heading to a pretty big graduation very soon....and I really need something pretty to wear. I generally work myself into a tither (does anyone outside of NC understand what I just said?) and generally end the day in a self-loathing funk whenever I am forced to shop and try on clothes, but I will have to bite the bullet and do that today. Please pray I find something in my size, that flatters my non-curves, that is not too expensive, and accentuates my January, mid-winter, non-tan having skin. Thanks so much. 

Because we all know it's of utmost importance to bring in the New Year with pretty toes and a new outfit, gotta start things off right for a great 2010!  Cheers!


Foursons said...

I know exactly what working yourself into a tither is. Maybe it's a southern thing?

Good luck shopping! I wish "no curves" was my problem. I have too many curves in all the wrong places.

karlie and brett said...

Did you find something to wear???? I told you mine is super dressy...wish i could go with you...we could shop together...good luck...and whatever you find, I'm sure you'll be gorgeous...!!!!

Deciduous Heather