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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My (Silly) Dylan

My Dylan.... oh how you challenge me daily as a Mommy. Dylan is the funniest person I know, he is so quirky and has the driest sense of humor of any 5th grader...he also has the deepest thoughts and is always coming up with new "theories" to test me ask me about. He asks the most random questions, and is constantly shares intriguing tidbits of knowledge about all things boy; You know... undiscovered planets, extinct species, Star Wars trivia, and the present climate crisis in Iceland (no kidding) and what my thoughts are...usually I am speechless.. He is full of so many facts and statistics and whenever he wants to launch into a topic that is (usually) over my head...which is more often than I am actually willing to confess on my blog I am forced to resort to the following phrase

"I don't know, Dylan, but we can google it!"
I remember way back in the day, circa 1985, when we could NOT "google it" ....I had to rely on the old-fashioned and reliable "Encycolpedia Brittanica"...and I loved them! Part of me is very thankful that google exists and that Dylan is privvy to soooo much information right there at his fingertips, but the nostalgic part of me wishes we could look it up the the ol' trustworthy Encyclopedia. Obviously, I am showing my age. But, I digress...

Dylan is not only inquisitive and intelligent...but he is also "quick-on-his-toes" in any argument. I imgaine he will be a future debate club president or a very successful prosecuting attorney. If I am not careful, I often find myself in the midst of an argument with him, and unfortunately he usually has the upper-hand due to his solid rationale and research that he has done on said given topic. Again, I am speechless. His brain and logical thought processes drive me crazy and challenge me daily. I know that he is 10 and he is flexing his wings of independence, and as his Mommy it is my job to nurture, guide, and give him the appropriate outlets (ie. google, books, books, books, and the Discovery Channel*) to funnel all those deep thoughts and epiphanies that he has on a daily basis. It is no easy feat.
*The Discovery Channel is his all-time fave right now (and thankfully very kid-friendly)!

Dylan exploring the local eco-system at the beach.

And then there is his funny side....I had to share this today. Today, we got a Christmas card in the mail from one of my online friends. He wanted to know who she and her kids were, and I explained to him that I met her online......and he says, "Yeh I told my teacher about your website"..and I asked "Do you mean my blog?" He replies

"Yep. I told her you had a website called 'Delicious Heather'
OMG~DELICIOUS Heather???  Through my laughter, I said "Dylan, don't you mean DECIDUOUS HEATHER " and he says "yeh, same difference".

Great, his teacher thinks I have a porn website, called Delicious Heather~! I am sure of it! Oh my!! Then as my anxiety was mounting about how many other teachers may hear that I have such a site...he starts talking about the Math homework I helped him with last night and informs me that "we" only got an 88 on it. Then he says,

"Mom, I have one question for you.... Are you smarter than a 5th grader?"
My silly Dylan leaves me speechless once again.

1 comment:

Foursons said...

Oh my gosh, that is HILARIOUS! Delicious Heather out there making the big bucks while stripping for the world wide web. Bahahahahaha! I love it!

And remember way back when we were told how important it was to learn how to look information up in research books...yeah, not so much.

Deciduous Heather